Rosemen, The

Organization Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The Rosemen are the largest mercenary company in the Dales. Situated in the North West of the Barricade Mountains in the Vale of Penrose.

The organization is named after the Penrose Family, and run by Ser Randyll Penrose with the support several smaller families. While the Rosemen frequently take contracts outside of the Dales, they have made formal agreements not to be sold to outside forces with the intention of invading the Dales themselves. In the past, the mercenaries have been used to bolster forces in the Dales when one Lord wages conflict on another.

Aside from strict military application, the Rosemen are often used as guards, local watch, scouts, and enforcers, amongst other various duties.

Because of their long traditions, the Rosemen are known for their strict adherance to contracts, efficiency and success, even in the face of defeat. Internally, they operate more as a brotherhood. They have long managed to avoid the stereotype of sellswords fleeing when things turn against them, or exacerbating conflict to line their pockets.

Rosemen, The

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