Pathfinder Society

Organization Alignment: True Neutral
Good Class Choices: Any
Challenging Class Choices: None

The Pathfinder Society has existed for more than 400 years. Members include treasure hunters, explorers, tomb raiders, historians, and vagabonds, and they roam the farthest reaches of the world seeking lost relics of world-shattering power and answers to riddles older than the gods. These heroes brave vine-choked jungle ruins, ascend snow-capped peaks, and comb sun-seared desert sands in search of buried tombs and monuments of bygone ages.

The Order of the Shadow Flame
Rumors abound that their is a highly organized, sectret splinter faction of the Pathfinder society who’s sole purpose is to screen incoming reports from the field for potentially dangerous information and then to secret it away for protection.

Since one of the Societies’ prime edicts is the sharing and distribution of information, this rumor has gained quite a bit of traction among newer members and Pathfinders who have been passed over for inclusion in the Pathfinder Chronicles.

Society members send records of their exploits to their venture-captain superiors, who in turn review them for accuracy before forwarding the manuscripts to the leaders of the Pathfinder Society.

Goal: Explore and Report
The Society recognizes no formal bylaws, but adherence to a general code of behavior is expected of all members, and reports of behavior contrary to this code are grounds for removal from the organization. The three most important member duties are as follows.

Explore: Pathfinders are expected to further the knowledge and reputation of the Society by traveling to distant lands, unearthing forbidden secrets, and piecing together the secret history of the world. Agents are encouraged to travel uncharted lands in search of ever more fantastic mysteries.

Report: In the course of their adventures, Pathfinders are expected to keep detailed journals, maps, and accounts of their exploits. At the conclusion of a successful mission, agents send a copy of their notes to their immediate superior, a regional venture-captain, who makes a full analysis (often involving divination). Records of especially noteworthy exploits make their way to Ishind Vail and the Decemvirate, who compile the best tales into irregularly published editions of the Pathfinder Chronicles, which in turn make their way back to venture-captains for distribution to Pathfinder agents in the field and for sale to those who wish to follow the exploits of the Pathfinders.

Cooperate: The Society places no moral obligations upon its members, so agents span all races, creeds, and motivations. At any given time, a Pathfinder lodge might house a fiend-summoning Kasarthian Elf, a Thessian freedom fighter, an antiquities-obsessed Valaahian necromancer, and a friendly Romanalian raconteur. Pathfinder agents are expected to respect one another’s claims and stay out of each other’s affairs unless offering a helping hand.

Joining the society requires the purchase of a Pathfinder Charter (100 gp) and requires 4 signatures, these signatories become your fellow Pathfinder Charter members. Once charter members have signed onto the society are not required to stay with the same charter group, but typically since signatories are friends or previously part of the same adventuring group, Charter members often stay together through their Pathfinder careers.

When joining the Pathfinder Society, players gain one of the following Traits of their choice; they must possess all of the requirements.

Berserker of the Society (Barbarian, Society Member), Maestro of the Society (Bard, Society Member), Exalted of the Society (Cleric, Society Member), Beast of the Society (Druid, Society Member), Defender of the Society (Fighter, Society Member), Honored Fist of the Society (Monk, Society Member), Stalwart of the Society (Paladin, Society Member), Tracker of the Society (Ranger, Society Member), Blade of the Society (Rogue, Society Member), Havoc of the Society (Sorcerer, Society Member), Greater Adept of the Society (Wizard, Society Member).

Pathfinder Society

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