Gilt, The Empire of

Organization Alignment: Lawful Evil

The Empire of gilt is a theocratic dictatorship worshiping Zachrenius — the God of vengence and retribution. and the ruling religious class tends to go on random purges. Even the slightest hint of heracy or rebellion is an immediate death sentence. The Empire was not always so Monotheistic or expansionist.

About two centuries before the fall, High Preistess took the throne in a violent coup and the High Baroness has been both religious leader and political head of state ever since.

The high baroness took power 200 years ago and took aggressive action to expand the empire. Her predecessors continued this for the next 150 years until about half a century ago (through over-reaching, internal struggles, and accusations of Thessian spys) the empire collapsed. The last 50 years the High Baronesses have been attempting to rebuild the empire so that they might once again wage conquest and reclaim the lands that were (they feel) stolen from them by lesser nations, such as the Dales.

Gilt, The Empire of

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