Character Progression

No Experience Required
In Against the Tides of Darkness characters will not progress in the standard way (ie gaining experience to gain levels). Instead, characters will advance in level after a general period of time or when it is appropriate for the story. In addition, we will be using the Hero Point system (outlined HERE at

Players will start with 1 Hero Point and be awarded additional hero points to start based on the following aspects:

Character Story
The inclusion on a detailed character history, rich with NPCs and potential plot hooks will award a character +1 Hero Point.

Group Services
Adventure Log posts are very helpful to not only myself as GM, but also to new players and visitors to the campaign site. These posts need not be limited to simply after action reports, but can include side quests your characters have participated in, flash backs to previous adventures, pivotal moments in your character’s history, legends and myths that inspired your character as a child, personal family history of your characters… go nuts!

For every post you make you will gain +1 Hero Point.

Character Progression

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