Character Creation

All characters will begin (for new characters) or will be progressed (for existing characters) to level 4.

To determine Starting abilities players roll four, six-sided dice, for each stat dropping the lowest. Re-roll 1’s only.

Race and Class
Players may select any race/class combination they choose from the Allowed Sources list. Certain Races from the Lore of Arda wiki are not allowed, they are as follows:

Azlanti, Dromite, Eldar, Eldrazi, Tyranid.

Exceptions may be allowed if the player can provide a convincing reason for their inclusion in the current campaign.

Players may select feats from the Allowed Sources list. Certain feats, though included in the Allowed Sources list, may be Banned or Restricted and require DM approval before being taken. Please see the FEATS section.

Characters begin play with two traits of their choice drawn from the Allowed Sources list. A character can have only one trait from each of the six trait categories (basic, campaign, equipment, race, region, and religion).

No Evil. Otherwise your character may be of any Alignment.

Hit Points

Hit Die 1st Lvl Per Lvl
d6 6 4
d8 8 5
d10 10 6
d12 12 7

Characters begin play with a set number of hit points and gain a specific number of hit points based on their Hit Die up to level 4; add Constitution modifiers, favored class bonuses, and Toughness to the listed number as applicable.

For Hit Points after level 4, the character rolls his hit die as normal.

Money and Equipment
Characters begin play with 6,000 gold to spend on items and equipment of their choice. Magical items may be drawn from any source on the Allowed Sources list. No single item purchased item may exceed 50% of the characters starting wealth.

In addition all characters start the game with the standard adventuring kit for free. This kit includes:

x1 Backpack
x1 Bedroll
x1 Belt Pouch
x1 Flint and Steel
x2 Sunrods
x10 Trail Rations
x1 Waterskin

Finishing Touches
Characters can elect to worship any deity listed in the Lore of Arda wiki. Characters may elect to worship an evil god, but must always be within one alignment step of their chosen deity. For clerics, this is an especially important choice, since the deity’s alignment determines whether the cleric channels positive or negative energy, a decision with significant tactical implications for the cleric and her allies. Characters who do not receive powers from a divine source may choose to be atheists or to have no deity at all.

Please include a history for your character. This history may be of any length you wish it to be.

If part of your character’s history should be kept secret you may send it to me in a private message of OP and I will add it to a GM+Player only section where you can edit it in the future.

Character Creation

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