Thuldrin Kreed

AL Race Gender Class(es)
LE Human Male Aristocrat 8/Adept 4

Ten years ago after Kreed’s only son Jurin was kidnapped and almost killed by a band of Kobolds Kreed discovered, through an un-named source, that the then Mayor of the town of Hollow had been involved. Confronting the Halfing mayor resulted in the death of the accused. Afterward Kreed seized power and ran the town effectively for the last decade.

Recently Kreed has been named a primary investor of the Black Sail Trading company and placed in charge of it’s Dales operations. Leaving the running of Hollow and it’s lumber production in the hands of his son, Kreed has come to Elmdale.

  • Member of the Cult of Kale
  • Paid for the return of Tailianna Ravenshore (Paili) to Gadric’s Hollow
  • Provided the evidence necessary to vindicate Galen & Jaun Laddermore.
  • Bankrolled the party’s membership into the Pathfinder Society

Thuldrin Kreed

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