Sir Derrick Laddermore

A local hero and father of Jaun, Galen and Katerine.

AL Race Gender Class(es)
LG Human Male Paladin 11

Sir Derrick is a former Eagle Knight of Thessia and Paladin of Arda. After the death of his wife, he retired and was granted a substantial parcel of land in the Dales for his service to the Republic.

In the intervening years the Laddermore family has made a name for itself in the Dales with both a shining military lineage and as producers of the finest horses.


Lord Derrick and Lady Kitta (Key-Ta), both members of the Four Ravens adventuring party, retired in 6056 when Kitta discovered that she was with child. The happily married couple settled down in the Thessian countryside to raise their twin sons. Three years later Kitta gave birth to their daughter Katerine.

On the eve of Katerine’s third birthday the Giltish Empire imploded, sending shockwaves throughout the surrounding regions and through their most feirce opponent, Thessia. As the behemoth empire began to crumble the call went out for anyone with military or adventuring experience to travel to Gilt’s satellite kingdoms and return peace and order. Lord Derrick could not stand idly by while the innocent suffered and, gaining Kitta’s blessing, rode out immediately.

Lord Derrick spent the next four years restoring peace to the region that had recently become known as the Dales, a former region of Gilt that defected to the allegiance of Thessia during the tumultuous fall of the empire. Late one evening Lord Derrick received word from home, Kitta had fallen ill and the clerics tending her were not hopeful of her recovery.

Lord Derrick made all haste to return to his estate in Thessia to be by his wife’s side. He arrived in time and the couple spent their last days together in the comfort of their home.

After the death of his beloved wife Lord Derrick retired in full, accepting a gift of a large tract of land in the Dales from the Thessian government. The estate rests on the outskirts of Gadric’s Hollow and has gained a reputation for rearing the strongest and most loyal horses of the region.

Sir Derrick Laddermore

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