Katherine Laddermore

A noble cavalier and a daughter of House Laddermore.


Human Cavalier 2, Order of the Lion
Traits: Courageous, Natural-Born Leader
5’6", 130lbs

Motto: Ego leo Ardai, audi murmur meum!

Katherine is an attractive 19 year-old woman, whose wiry frame only hints at the strength beneath. She wears her brown hair long – although much of the time it is concealed within her helmet. Her brown eyes, fine facial structure and noble demeanour unmistakably mark her as a Laddermore.


Katherine is the youngest child of Sir Derrick Laddermore, a local hero in the Dalelands.

Katherine has two older siblings Jaun amd Galen. She frequently infuriates her father with her independent tomboy nature, and strange friends such the the alchemist Nesteruk and the dream shaman Onandi, not to mention the roguish Jerrid.

Despite being a bit rebellious, she is a devout follower of Arda and fiercely loyal to her family, the Dales and Gadric’s Hollow.

Katherine excels at the noble pursuits of riding and hunting and has a way with words, although she lacks the patience for scholarly pursuits.

Katherine is happiest when she is riding her horse Verilt in the rolling plans of the Dales.

She aspires to be a hero like her father.

Katherine Laddermore

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