A friendly, blind mountain witch who aids travellers.

AL Race Gender Class(es)
CG Human female Witch 10

[Image Right: Jezzell (Age 20) recently returned from adventure in the far north.]

Though time has ravaged her beauty it has certainly had no effect on her power. Once Jezelle traveled with a renowned adventuring company known as The Four Ravens and was known far and wide as the Raven Witch (both from the company name and her ever present Raven familiar). The the last adventure of the Raven’s Jezelle lost her sight, though to see her today, you would never know it save for the milky white pallor of her eyes. She focuses on peoples faces when speaking to them; she never bumps into objects, even in unfamiliar environments; and she often recognizes people before they speak.

For years Jezzelle resided in a small cottage deep in the sparse woods of the Barricade mountains. She spent he days bobbling around the cottage and tending her small garden of vegetables and herbs. Occasionally their would be call to aid the rare traveler or caravan carrying sick or injured passengers and for this Jezelle always asked only the most modest of payments; a few pounds of fresh venison, rare herbs and spices, and on the rarest occasion, a few coins of silver.



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