Balon Forsend

Gnome Bard, Member of the Pathfinder Society

AL Race Gender Class(es)
CG Gnome Male Bard 2

Balon Forsend (Bay-Lon Fore-Send) was the first brave adventurer to risk the perils to explore the recently unearth ruins of the Fallen Fortress. Unfortunitly for Balon, a small tribe of outcast Troglodytes beat him to the fortress and the easygoing gnome soon found himself captured and prepared as a sacrifice to a long forgotten blood god.

Luckily a group of new recruits to the local chapter of the Pathfinders (the party) were itching to prove themselves and were sent in to recover him.


Gnome member of the Pathfinder Society who was rescued from the Fallen Fortress

Balon Forsend

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