As myth tells, when the world was young the gods quarreled among themselves for the future of Arda. Soon, squabbles turned to war. The fate of the world and its people hung in the balance as the gods of light clashed against the gods of evil. The war was long and costly. Many fledgling civilizations fell prey to hellfire and the machinations of the wicked and cruel. The gods wept for the loss they witnessed.

Fueled by blinding rage, the goddess Arda led the gods of light in a furious campaign against the gods of evil. One by one the evil gods fell. Each stripped from the memory of the world and its people; for without followers the evil gods were without their divine power.

The Evil gods fell until but one remained. Kale. Only the god of corruption remained to oppose the gods of light. Even weakened by loss of worship, Kale proved too strong to destroy.

Arda, feeling no other option remained, ordered the crafting of a powerful sanctuary to hold the imprisoned Kale. As a key the gods crafted a divine seal and used it to lock Kale deep below the Barricade Mountains. After sealing the sanctuary the seal split itself into seven parts and scattered itself among the cosmos.

— S’vren Blackspell, Pathfinder Society Historian and Chronicler

10/15/2013 — Darkness has settled over the Dales in full. Corruption, death and infection run rampant through the streets and hoards of monstrous orcs, goblins and trolls pour from the dark places beneath the Barricade Mountains, each adding strength to the army of corruption sweeping the land.

In an impetuous move Lady Elmdore VII, undisputed political and theocratic ruler of the Empire of Gilt seizes the opportunity to invade the Dales in an attempt to reclaim the insolent former satellite-state. The Imperial Legion, 200,000 men strong, quickly find themselves facing an entrenched opponent on one front and seemingly endless waves of ravening, mindless beasts at their backs.

With both sides weakened from loss and illness, the lands beneath them decaying, and cut off from any hope of retreat will the people of the Dales and Gilt be able to put a centuries long feud aside to save homelands or will darkness bring ruin to both nations on it’s way to consuming the world?

Against the Tides of Darkness is a fantasy campaign on an epic scale as well as my first true attempt at DMing.

The game uses the Pathfinder system and is set in a homebrew world of my own creation. Our players started out from a bustling trade community into the vast wilderness to find a lost girl and clear the names of one of the player’s twin brothers.

Little do the characters know that a truly epic destiny is waiting for them.

Against the Tides of Darkness

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